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2022 Chinese fresh garlic price on AUG-10

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2022 Chinese fresh garlic price on AUG-10

  Today's Chinese fresh garlic market still has a slightly hard performance, but the rising trend has slowed down, and the trading volume continues to be normal.

  In terms of the quantity of garlic loaded, there is a small increase compared with yesterday, but the overall quantity is still small. 

The loading presents an intermittent and phased loading situation. Because there are not many garlic loaded, 

the price demanded by the dealers is generally hard. The number of purchasers remained at 10 or 20, showing a slight decrease.


 However, there were also many new purchasers opening warehouses, but the volume of garlic was not large. The buyer's purchasing power is different. Some new garlic buyers catch up with the progress and receive garlic relatively actively. Most of the purchases 2022 garlic price limited and selective. On the whole, the trading atmosphere today is OK, and the delivery is smooth.

 In terms of 2022 garlic price, the theory of "slightly hard" and "stable" has been mentioned. There are also the theory that the price of good garlic is hard and the price of poor quality garlic is stable.

Dehydrated garlic flakes price is stable two.Raw material for garlic granules and powder is about 11800-12200RMB Per ton.2022 crop garlic flakes quality is very good.white and brignt.


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