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predict 2021 Chinese garlic dehydrated garlic flakes granules price

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predict 2021 Chinese garlic dehydrated garlic flakes granules price

Early April 2021,we visited our garlic farms ,to check 2021 garlic sprout conditions.

Below are some informations for your reference,I think maybe can help you to predict 2021 garlic price.

First,we checked the Garlic stem diameter,the average number is about 2.5cm.

garlic sprout

Then we checked the height on the ground,average number is 55cm.

2021 garlic sprout height

Finally,we checked the total height from garlic roots

2021 garlic height from roots

After comparing with previous figures,We can get the following information:

1,This year, plant garlic area (including hybrid garlic and four or six cloved garlic) in China, will increase by 5% - 10%。

2,According to the farmers, compared with the same period in previous years, the height of garlic was lower.

3,In the same period of 2020, fresh garlic quantity in cold storage is 1.1 million tons. Now the quantity is 1.7 million tons, 600000 tons more than last year.

4,Garlic leaves, because the average temperature is low, two leaves less than last year,In the same period of 20 years, the number of leaves was about 10, and now the average number of leaves is about 8.Less leaves will reduce photosynthesis, thus affecting the harvest.

5,We predict that garlic purchase price this year will be higher than 2020 ,below is the reasons:

First:Because of the epidemic in 2020,most farmers are in panic,In late June 2020, farmers were eager to sell, and the selling price was very low,With stability of garlic market, garlic price gradually rises till end of harvest.Garlic price had not come down. Therefore, we predict that the farmers will not be willing to sell in the early , and the opening price will be relatively high.

Secondly,Most storage companies were profitable in 2020, so 2021 garlic storage companies are highly motivated and prone to speculation and market manipulation.

Because there are many uncertain factors such as weather and so on, it is uncertain whether the yield per mu will increase or decrease.I will continue to update the information of 2021 garlic,for your reference to predict garlic price in 2021, and rake in a huge profits.

More information about Chinese garlic,garlic flakes,garlic granules,garlic powder,please feel free to contact with me.

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