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Let the world eat pure Chinese dehydrated garlic powder

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Let the world eat pure Chinese dehydrated garlic powder

Let the world eat pure Chinese dehydrated garlic powder

There was a Russian customer who bought a lot of garlic grains from our company before, because a lot of powder would come out when threshing. I asked him why he didn't buy garlic powder. He said that because it was all powder, if there was something not garlic, it could not be separated by naked eyes. At that time, I was very puzzled about what else could be in garlic powder. Later, I contacted more manufacturers and understood that many customers clearly needed garlic powder, but they would rather spend a high price to buy dehydrated garlic flakes and dehydrated garlic granules. Although they also wanted to make dehydrated garlic powder when they bought it back, they did not dare to directly buy Chinese garlic powder, especially when the price was high. Because they are worried that some bad businesses will add some foreign things to the garlic powder, such as flour, such as maltodextrin.

Later, I also contacted a customer who asked us to produce rice flour and mix it with garlic powder, only let us produce it and not let us pack it. We don't know where they sold it. This kind of dehydrated garlic powder looks very white, and it is whiter than pure garlic powder. So, to buy dehydrated garlic powder, Han Youshan can judge the quality from the color. You can't take garlic by its appearance. It depends on its essence.

There is an old Chinese saying called Lu Yuanzhi Ma Li. Although I can feel that I can earn a little money at that time, this kind of unconscionable practice of greedy for a little profit has more damaged my long-term reputation. To the greater extent, it is to damage the image of the Chinese people and the reputation of made in China.

But it's also a good way to detect whether there is starch in garlic powder. In chemistry, we have learned one of the characteristics of starch. When the starch turns blue with iodine, we first take a certain amount of garlic powder and soak it in water. At this time, the water should be very clear or slightly yellow. As long as we use iodine wine or medical iodophor, drop a few drops of water with garlic powder, if there is lake in it. Pink, water will turn blue soon. Although there is a small amount of starch in garlic powder, it is not enough to change the color because of the small amount.

Shandong Yummy Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. solemnly promises that our garlic powder is 100% pure garlic powder without any foreign substances. Whether it's grade A or B, we guarantee that it's 100% pure. No matter it's a large package of bulk goods or a 1kg and 2kg package of small bags, it must be pure garlic powder. Whether the market is up or down, we will finish our garlic powder orders on time and with high quality. If you find that the garlic powder you bought in our company is adulterated by the third party, we will refund it unconditionally.

Of course, we also accept the supervision of third-party testing. You can also choose to have a third-party sample for testing. The goods shall be delivered after passing the inspection. You can even have a third party supervise the loading. Or send quality inspectors to our factory from the beginning of production to follow up and supervise the whole production process. In this way, the whole process from the purchase of raw materials to the production and packaging of finished products is under your supervision. You should be assured of the garlic powder produced in this way. At that time, if you are in or not, we are the same production, because we guarantee that if we detect adulteration of garlic powder, we will return it unconditionally for refund.

Since its establishment, Shandong Yummy Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. has put quality first and understood that quality is the foundation of our existence. No matter our garlic powder, garlic granule, onion powder, onion granule, pepper powder, sweet pepper powder, each condiment, we can't do the largest quantity, but we must do the best quality. Our ultimate goal is to let people who love garlic all over the world eat pure and pure Chinese garlic powder, contribute our own strength to the innocence of made in China and made in China.

Over 10 years experience in dehydrated garlic granule and powder produce and export. We adopt advanced tech to improve our equipment and managment, in order to supply more qualified and safety dehydrated garlic products and cut the cost.


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