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Food safety of dehydrated garlic in China

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Food safety of dehydrated garlic in China

                                                      Food safety of dehydrated garlic in China

    My son is in the first grade. I've heard that there are often newspaper copying in primary school. But for the first grade children, painting is OK, and writing is more difficult. After all, handwritten newspapers can be all paintings. And like my son, he has no idea about the beauty and arrangement of the picture. Just draw a few strokes and it's done. How can you hand in your homework like this. So it's necessary need my help.

   Fortunately, the theme of this time is about food safety. I think ,that with more than 10 years of working experience ,I work in a food company, this theme can still be dealt with. Although it is a food company, it mainly produces dehydrated garlic factory. Its products include dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic powder, dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated onion powder and dehydrated onion granules. Some people may say, isn't this just seasoning?

  Yes, this is the seasoning. Although the seasoning does not occupy a large proportion in each meal, it is also the food that into our  stomach. It cannot be careless at all, especially for the factories exporting dehydrated garlic. Many customers now require various certifications, such as ISO, BRC, HACCP, kosher.

    Although they are only seasoning , dehydrated garlic powder and garlic granules ,is not much to eat into the stomach every meal, the requirements are still very strict. Especially these years. For example, now customers will require that garlic powder and garlic grains contain no peanut allergens. At that time, we were very puzzled, even if there is peanut protein, the content is very low, and garlic powder is not for food, why do we care so much. Later, I learned that if I was allergic to peanuts, maybe a little amount of it, would make me uncomfortable. For foreign customers, it may not contain peanut allergens, and the selling price may be better. After all, there are still a few people who are allergic to peanuts.

  On the other hand, it also shows that with the development of science and technology ,and the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the requirements for food are higher and higher, especially food safety. This is not only a problem for China, but also a topic worthy of global attention.

  Looking at the title of food safety yesterday, I was wondering how to tell my son. According to the requirements of our dehydrated garlic factory, we should pay attention to the safety of soil and water quality when planting from the source, so we should protect the environment. In the past planting, use less pesticide and chemical fertilizer. There is no need to ban pesticides. When the garlic begins to be harvested, the fresh garlic will be sent to test residues first. The next step is to dry slices to produce dehydrated garlic slices. From slicing, cleaning, to drying, every step should use HACCP operation specifications, especially the key control points.

   The dehydrated garlic slices produced in this way, are only semi-finished products. They can only enter the next step after color separation machine, peeling, stone removal and over strong magnetic field. Or they can be selected manually and packed directly, but before packing, they must pass through heavy metal detector. Or go to the next step and grind it into dehydrated garlic or dehydrated garlic powder. Before packing, the powder should also pass through strong magnetic and heavy metal detector. In this way, from the seed value source to the finished product, they are in line with the food safety operation procedures, and each step must be recorded and traceable.

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