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Discount Quality Dehydrated dry vegetables export to Russia

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Discount Quality Dehydrated dry vegetables export to Russia

  We exported Four containers dehydrated vegetables to Russia yesterday, mainly including dehydrated garlic slices, dehydrated garlic grains, garlic grains of 8-16 mesh, garlic grains of 40-60 mesh, garlic grains of 26-40 mesh, dry garlic granules,garlic grains of 16-26 mesh, and dehydrated garlic powder ,dry garlic powder 100-120 mesh. 

  The guest also has the dehydrated dry green bell pepper granules ,dehydrated dry red bell pepper granules. It's a total four containers. The dehydrated dry garlic powder and dry garlic granules in 20ft container, 40ft container for dehydrated dry garlic slices flakes,and dehydrated green and red peppers.           

   In order to save the shipping cost, the customer chose to use the freezer container instead of the dry one. The thing is good,but the result is not good.The goods that could have been loaded in 40ft dry container,but can not be loaded in freezer container. In this way, it's embarrassing. Can not save money ,and can not ship order quatity the goods .

  When I sold dehydrated garlic to the South America, I heard that someone had used the freezer instead of the dry one. But at that time, it was packed with 25 tons of dehydrated garlic granules grains, but not full, so it was no problem to replace the drying cabinet with a freezer. 

    But dehydrated vegetable products ,such as dehydrated green red bell pepper,and dry red bell peppers granules have a large volume. The size of the carton is designed according to the size of the container, making full use of the space. Once the cabinet is changed, there will inevitably be a waste of space. So although the total volume is calculated to be able to be loaded, in fact, the space in the container is not used. For example, yesterday's cupboard, the top row, put a box of dehydrated red pepper 6x6, and the rest is empty. If you put two dehydrated garlic 26-40 granules,can not fit in,so it's embarrassing. The space above can only be wasted.

 Later I Baidu the size of the freezer container, and the size of the high dry container. The dimensions are as follows:  

 The length, width and height of  high freezer contaiers are 11.5m, 2.29M and 2.4m respectively.           

 The length, width and height of  high dry containers are 12M, 2.35m and 2.697m respectively.            

 Why is the space small? There is a refrigeration compressor in front of the freezer, which takes up about 0.5m length. There is also a stainless steel water separator on the container floor, which also takes up about 0.2m. The insulation layer on both sides of the box is also 0.1M narrower than dry cabinet. In this way, 11 squares are missing.            

  Plus the wasted part because the size of the box doesn't match the size of the container, there must be at least 15 squares.              Today, I want to share this matter with you. I also hope that when you choose the cabinet type, when you are not sure that you can install it, you will not make such a mistake again, and you will not gain or lose.

Over 10 years experience in dehydrated garlic granule and powder produce and export. We adopt advanced tech to improve our equipment and managment, in order to supply more qualified and safety dehydrated garlic products and cut the cost.


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