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Dehydrated Garlic Export

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In January 2023, the maritime industry is likely to face significant impacts from a confluence of factors, including the effects of the dry season in Panama, tensions in the Red Sea region, the presence of Houthi forces, and the peak of year-end exports. The dry spell in Panama may lead to constraints on water levels in the Panama Canal, potentially affecting vessel draft and transit schedules, thereby impacting global shipping routes. Turmoil in the Red Sea, exacerbated by the involvement of Houthi armed groups, could pose threats to maritime security and disrupt shipping activities in key strategic waterways.

Simultaneously, increased export activities towards the year's end could heighten demand for shipping services, putting a strain on available capacity and potentially leading to delays in cargo movements. However, shipping companies may adapt by optimizing routes and deploying additional vessels to accommodate the surge in export volumes.

Navigating these challenges will likely require enhanced coordination among stakeholders, including shipping companies, port authorities, and international organizations, to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods while addressing security risks and environmental concerns. As a result, industry players may need to closely monitor developments in affected regions, implement contingency plans, and explore alternative transportation routes to mitigate disruptions and maintain the efficiency of global supply chains. Overall, January 2023 is likely to present a complex operating environment for the maritime sector, demanding heightened vigilance, flexibility, and strategic decision-making to successfully manage the various challenges and sustain smooth shipping operations.

The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon. You know that Chinese factories have a long holiday every year, so from now until the holiday, this period is the peak period for exports. Ocean freight will increase, and the factory’s production tasks will also increase. very nervous.

Our factory’s holiday schedule is from February 1st to February 16th, so during this period if you need dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic powder, dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated onion powder, chili powder, etc., please contact us in time Get in touch to arrange as soon as possible.
Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone. May the world be peaceful, without war, without difficulty, without sorrow. May you enjoy delicious food with your family every day using good seasonings.

Over 10 years experience in dehydrated garlic granule and powder produce and export. We adopt advanced tech to improve our equipment and managment, in order to supply more qualified and safety dehydrated garlic products and cut the cost.


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