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China export shortage of container and 2021 Jan garlic price forecast

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China export shortage of container and 2021 Jan garlic price forecast

My son's garlic without soil.This is my son's first garlic.

garlic sprout

From this,he learnt garlic grow needs nutrients,like protein,minerals,water and so on.

He learnt metabolic,photosynthesis.

He learnt embryo,germinate,germination inhibitor.

He learnt dormant.

he learnt hypogeal,epigeal.

Plant garlic is very fun and helpful to learn English.

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shortage of container 1

Check by

soaring freight

China is suffering a great dearth of shipping containers due to a big imbalance in global trade, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to containers full of goods leaving China and then not returning.

hot demand

Some orders from Southeast Asian countries have also been transferred to China for production, which has increased China's share of global exports.

The China Container Industry Association said the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on production in countries around the world and the nearing of Christmas, a peak season for export of Chinese products to Europe and the United States, were part of the reasons for the shortage of containers.

push up shipping cost

Storage fees and demurrage incurred during this period are also a huge expense. Under this circumstance, with the gradual recovery of demand, no shipping company is willing to continue operating at a loss, and freight rates naturally soar.

new surcharges


Container shipowners have nominated further surcharges and rate increases for Asia-to-Europe routes in the final weeks of the year as a shortage of boxes in Asia outpaces the slowdown in export shipments.

lack of workers

It has become a problem to recruit a basic number of seafarers worldwide. Seafarers' wages have also risen sharply this year, which has also increased shipping costs to a certain extent.

shortage of container 3

Due to high quality garlic flakes is getting less and less,So price is going up too.

garlic price

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