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All kinds of dehydrated garlic flakes and market information

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All kinds of dehydrated garlic flakes and market information

   I was engaged in the industry of dehydrated garlic in 2006. At that time, the market of dehydrated garlic in China was still very simple and the market was very accurate. Basically, it was based on the planting area and the relationship between supply and demand.

    At that time, the garlic slices were mainly Japanese first-class garlic slices, European and American first-class garlic slices, and rooted garlic slices, which were divided into four or six and hybridized. This is all the garlic slices.

    In recent years, with the rise of garlic market, a variety of garlic chips are emerging in endlessly.

    First, let's talk about Indian garlic. In 2016, when the price of garlic and garlic slices reached its historical peak, some people looked at business opportunities and imported garlic slices from China on schedule. But their garlic slices are also so-called Grade A, but the quality and China's Grade A are incomparable. This is why Indian garlic is cheap, but it has never had a voice. After all, the principle of "one penny for one cargo" is obvious.

    Secondary and tertiary garlic flakes, which appeared in 15 and 16 years, may have existed before, but I only heard about them in 16 years. It is used to produce garlic chips as a defective product of fresh-keeping garlic . These are taken back to the crushing, color sorter, and then separated out. Although the 40-80 grains produced look good in color, they taste and smell worse. So sometimes just looking at pictures to buy goods is not feasible. So the price of garlic powder and garlic granules on the market is very different. The price of the granules made from the second-grade slices is basically the same as the cost of washing garlic slices with water in the earlier period.

    Another is the cold storage slice. The other is the fresh garlic stock is very large. The garlic in the cold storage is dehydrated. This is also based on the quality of garlic slices, tooth length grading pricing. There are also garlic processing garlic in the warehouse, and then processed into the warehouse to produce secondary and tertiary rice, also belongs to the cold storage slices. So the second and third meters outside the reservoir will be by the end of August. The rest of the time belongs to cold storage chips.

    Another is garlic chip yellow bud slices green bud slices. The dormancy period of garlic is basically in the middle of August, after which the garlic begins to bud before it is stored. So according to the different time, the garlic slices come out with yellow buds in the middle and green buds in the middle. If it is washed in large water, the quality is also guaranteed. And every year when yellow and green bud slices come out, the price of garlic slices on the market will have a certain impact.            

    But the density of this kind of garlic slices is poor. Originally, a small cabinet can hold 18 tons of garlic granules. The purpose of making garlic granules with this kind of slices is basically only 16 tons. This material is not suitable for customers who require density.           

     The reason why there are so many kinds of garlic chips is to meet the needs of different markets. Japan, for example, must have the best. Europe and the United States followed, while Russia, Brazil and other South American markets mainly focus on low prices, but also require good appearance and color. But the inherent quality requirements may not be so strict. So we can't see the quality from pictures alone. More factories, in order to reduce costs and improve profit margins, use the roots sliced from the production level to dry them and mix them into small grains. These insiders can't be found without going deep into the factory. If you pursue quality, please come to our factory. We can be monitored and monitored.

    Garlic chips are even scarcer in 2019, at least for now. Although the price of fresh garlic has fallen in the past 19 years, the price of newly produced garlic is still difficult to compete with that of old garlic. If anyone now tells you that garlic is made from 19 years of new garlic slices, you must be careful. Don't spend money wrongly, after all, the identification of new and old goods is not so easy. Also, don't be superstitious about new products. As long as garlic slices are preserved and not exposed to sunlight, two, three, three or four years of storage will have no effect on the quality of garlic slices.

    Welcome to the factory to visit, a variety of garlic slices, from a professional point of view, will be able to meet the different needs of you and customers.

   If your quantity is big,you want to find a believeable factory,or hire a Chinese person who know the Chinese garlic market well to help you Check the quality from material.

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