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2020 Top Quality dried Garlic Flakes Dehydrated Garlic Slices


Product Description

qualified garlic flakesTop quality garlic flakes
unqualified garlic flakes

garlic flakes

packed in cartongarlic flakes in carton

garlic slice

sliced garlic

DESCRIPTION:Top garlic flakes/rootless garlic flakes export to Japan or Europe or USA market


All this garlic flakes produced from China fresh garlic,canshan 4/6 garlic,which is high rich in garlic allicin.It is said that garlic allicin can improve our immune system.

Many of our garlic flakes clients,they garlic garlic flakes,then rehydrated,make to mashed garlic,and then produce garlic paste.So quality must be very high,no dark spot or root in garlic flakes.

When produce,cut root by hands,remove garlic skin by air,then wash garlic cloves ,go through color sorter,then sorted garlic clove by hands,then cut to slice about 1.8mm thickness.Fresh garlic flakes disinfected for 5 minutes,at last,go to oven for about 4 hours,under the temperature 63 。 The temperature can not be high to ensure the yellow creamy color.



Produce season:From July to End of Aug.So ,If you want to visit,to see the dehydrated garlic flakes workshop how to work,you'd better come at this time.Especially for top quality dehydrated garlic flakes.

Original:All China top quality garlic flakes produced in Bahu Town,Linyi city,Shandong,China.Bahu town has experience since 1970's.Althoug Jinxiang is the biggest place for fresh garlic,they can not produce top quality dehydrated garlic flakes.Especailly for Japan market.

We usually sort garlic flakes first by color sorter,then sort by hands twice,then packed.Before packed,garlic flakes have to go through sieve by 4x4mm,magnet,X-ray machine at last go through heavy metal detector.

We usually pack garlic flakes in 20kgs/carton,if you request,we can pack as your 5lbs/bag,or 10kgs/bag.

For 20kgs/carton garlic flakes,20FCL can load 9.5tons,that is 475cartons garlic flakes.Because the moisture of garlic flakes is less than 6.5%,so you just use normal dry container is ok.

The shelf life for garlic flakes is about 2years in cool and dry place seeled well. After two year,maybe the color changed  to red,but the flavor still very hot.

2020 crop China fresh purple garlic is harvesting,more information about China garlic,not only fresh garlic,but also dehydrated garlic,please feel free to contact with me.I work in this garlic field since 2006.I think I can give you the profesional information.



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Over 10 years experience in dehydrated garlic granule and powder produce and export. We adopt advanced tech to improve our equipment and managment, in order to supply more qualified and safety dehydrated garlic products and cut the cost.


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