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2020 China Shang Fresh Purple Garlic Suppliers Spice World Garlic China


Product Description

2020 crop China garlic is harvesting.I think you must want to know China garlic price trend.Let me introduce some information to you.

In China,even on the world,garlic is very famous as a spice seasoning.And China is the biggest garlic exporters country.

Especially shandong garlic is very famous.

Do you want to know how produce fresh garlic when harvest from farm?

First,harvest by hands,now no machine used,just to keep fresh garlic not hurt by machine when delivery to you.And dry garlic on the farm.

fresh garlic dry on farm

The cut garlic bolt and the root,produce fresh garlic

produce fresh garlic

But this is not ready to export.

Before packed,we should make fresh garlic bulb much clean like below,without no soil on fresh garlic.After produce,fresh garlic now looks beautiful,are you agree?Do you want to buy ?or maybe want to eat.

pure white garlic in mesh bag and carton_副本

Before 2020 crop garlic harvest,some people said the harvest is not good,garlic bulb is not as big as last year.But in fact,this year garlic bulb is big enough,especially 7.0 up size purple garlic.

7.0 cm up garlic bulb 2020 China jinxiang fresh garlic

Do you want to import natural NON-GMO fresh garlic from China?Please contact with me.We will provide professional garlic information and competitive price with high quality fresh garlic made in China.



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Over 10 years experience in dehydrated garlic granule and powder produce and export. We adopt advanced tech to improve our equipment and managment, in order to supply more qualified and safety dehydrated garlic products and cut the cost.


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