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2019 Chinese garlic market and dehydrated garlic price

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2019 Chinese garlic market and dehydrated garlic price

    As we all known,the year of 2018 for Chinese garlic,it was a big harvest year.

    Fresh garlic price lower than RMB 1yuan per 0.5kg,so the price of dehydrated garlic flakes is lower than RMB8000/Ton,and at the bottom,the price is about RMB6500/MT.Although Chinese government wants to protect the environment,the electricity and water were limited.In order to protect the fresh air,The government controls the use of fuel.In this condition,the year of 2018 produced near millions tons for garlic flakes.That means this quantity is enough for the following 2 or 3 years.

    Due to the lowest price in 2018,so in the new crop year,plant area getting less,it is said that about less than 25%.According to this,some people who hold a lot of garlic flakes said the price will go after Chinese new year of 2019,garlic flakes price go up day by day,although the quantity in the market is a lot,but can not stop the price go up.

    At about June,the price reach to RMB 14000/MT,It almost doubled compared with the cheapest time. 

    In last few years,in the early of June,new crop garlic flakes begin to produce,but this year not,because according to the fresh garlic price,the produce garlic flakes cost is about RMB 16000/mt,how can it be sell?

   Althought the plant area is less,but the garlic harvest vell,so people noticed that there are a lot garlic on the market,so price begin to go down,As the price of fresh garlic declines, the price of garlic slices also declines.In July,garlic flakes price declined about RMB1000/MT.But according to today's fresh garlic price about RMB1.6/500G,The produce cost for garlic flakes can not compare with old crop flakes till today,Almost no factory produces garlic flakes.

   How the price will to,I will continue to share the Chinese garlic market and dehydrated garlic price.


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